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VIDEO: Why Clients Will Pay More For An Intensive Session

Casey Truffo On Structuring A Therapeutic Intensive

With some clients, issues, or circumstances, an hour is not quite enough time to dig in. That’s why it’s great to have an “Intensive Option.” Think of... Read more

How to Make a Group Practice Work

The Challenge of Becoming the Boss

I’m finding myself unable to take on more clients due to a full schedule, but I still want to grow my practice and finances. Would starting a group practice... Read more

consultation July 11, 2014

The Challenge of Becoming the Boss

How to Make a Group Practice Work

Making a group practice work means taking on the challenge of becoming a boss. Read more

Move Beyond the Fee-for-Service Therapy Model by Offering Other Types of Psychotherapy Products Read more

Pink-Spoon Marketing

A model for the therapy practice of the future

The old face-to-face service model for our practices is no longer in sync with social and cultural shifts. It's time to refocus on how to serve our clients... Read more

Beyond Technophobia

Even you can use the internet to grow your practice

The internet can be a phenomenal tool for marketing all types of practices in every part of the country. Even Luddites are finding that internet marketing can... Read more

Casey Truffo

Casey Truffo, MFT, is the CEO and founder of the Therapist Leadership Institute and a marketing coach and owner of Be a Wealthy Therapist, where she offers free audios, articles, and tele-classes to help therapists market their private practices and enhance the lives, careers, and reputations. Her self-study course, available on the site, is Pink Spoon Marketing for Therapists.