What is the Most Powerful Way of Knowing?

Eugene Gendlin Describes The “Felt Sense”

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What is the Most Powerful Way of Knowing?

“Is the body what you think it is… or not?”

According to Eugene Gendlin, legendary originator of Focusing, this is not a riddle or the set-up to a joke. It’s a serious question worthy of investigation, and it can lead us to a new kind of wisdom both inside and outside the consulting room.

The key to this heightened way of knowing is something Gendlin has christened the “felt sense,” a way of experiencing life with our entire body that brings us fully and profoundly into the moment.

In this brief video clip, Gene defines the “felt sense,” its power, and, most importantly, how we can access it.

This is a classic! Let us know what you think.

Eugene Gendlin is the founder of the Focusing Institute, and his books include Experiencing and the Creation of Meaning, and Language Beyond Post-Modernism: Saying and Thinking In Gendlin’s Philosophy. This clip is taken from his session in our wisdom video course: The Six Faces of Wisdom.

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