Streamed live on Jun 15, 2022  

For many children, parents, and educators, the classroom no longer feels like a safe space…

The school shooting in Uvalde, Texas left many struggling to process their vicarious trauma. From the constant news coverage to safety planning and active shooter drills, the tragedy continues to unfold, leaving students afraid to go to school and families uncertain how to discuss these complex, sensitive issues.  

 If you work with students, educators, and families who are struggling to cope, watch this video with Wendy Durant, LPC-S, RPT-S, NCC, CSOTP, BC-TMH, LA, on how best to support children and communities in the aftermath of a mass shooting. 

This discussion will include:
• Strategies to confidently support students and their families in developing helpful coping skills following mass shootings
• Tools for recognizing vicarious trauma and countering its effects 
• Reflections on how to discuss these complex issues with children in an age-appropriate way