How much has the therapy profession confronted race in America? At what point do therapists need to join the conversation? And how might they do so?

In the following video clip from therapist Ken Hardy’s Networker Symposium address, “The View from Black America,” he makes a powerful call to action for therapists to address race in and outside of their offices.

As therapists, Ken says, we have a duty to give a voice to the voiceless and address race, no matter how uncomfortable it might be to do so. Taking this courageous step could make the difference between helping a client overcome their trauma and letting those who desperately need us as allies slip through the cracks.

“Our work is what we do to make sure that we leave this planet a little bit better, a little more advanced,” Hardy says. “So even if it isn’t your job, I hope you’d make talking about race your work.”

Kenneth V. Hardy

Kenneth V. Hardy, PhD, is director of the Eikenberg Institute for Relationships and professor of marriage and family therapy at Drexel University.