Handouts and worksheets have become popular ways of reinforcing therapeutic interventions and reminding clients about what they’ve learned long after a session is over. That’s why in each issue of the Networker, we’re offering a practice tool that you can use with your clients right away.

This special issue features two clinical exercises—Reflecting on Hardship & Taking a Self-Compassion Break, designed by Jonah Paquette from his bestselling workbook The Happiness Toolbox. Each of these exercises is based on real-life clinical research and can help you and your clients:


  • Move through difficult moments in ways that can lead to personal growth and change
  • Discover the three key elements to cultivating self-compassion
  • Incorporate self-compassion throughout the day with small, manageable practices

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Jonah Paquette

Jonah Paquette, PsyD, is a licensed clinical psychologist, speaker, and author. He is the author of Real Happiness: Proven Paths for Contentment, Peace, and Well-Being (PESI, 2015), a research-based self-help book in which he distills the key findings in the fields of happiness, and offers user-friendly tools to achieve lasting well-being. His second book, The Happiness Toolbox (PESI, 2018), offers readers an array of easy-to-use handouts and exercises designed to enhance happiness in a lasting way. Dr. Paquette is a psychologist and Clinical Training Director for Kaiser Permanente in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he oversees the mental health training programs across four medical centers.