Inner Sanctums

A Glimpse into Healing Spaces

Sebastian Zimmermann
Magazine Issue
November/December 2019
A man sits next to a full bookshelf

The therapist’s office is a scrupulously private place, where secrets may be safely divulged and deep emotions unleashed. It’s also a semipublic space, where forty or so individuals may course in and out over the span of a week.

What do therapists consider when first setting up an office? How does their orientation (Freudian, Jungian, cognitive behaviorist, interpersonal, child therapist) relate to their choices in designing their space?

Award-winning photographer and psychiatrist Sebastian Zimmermann captures the personalities of the therapists in their consulting rooms, where a powerful process unfolds. These intimate portraits and interviews hold up a mirror to the wide spectrum of approaches practitioners take in creating a therapeutic space.

This article and photo essay is only available in print.