The Hidden Trauma of Moral Injury

From Personal Anguish to Communal Healing

Because moral injury—one of the most significant contributors to the high rate of suicide among U.S. veterans—is rooted in conscience, not fear, traditional trauma treatments aren’t enough to heal it. Read more

The Future of Diagnosis

Traveling Beyond the Limits of the DSM

Seeking the Autism Diagnosis

The Current Quest for Identity and Community
Rachael Goren

Psychotherapy’s most celebrated annual gathering

Since 1978, the Networker Symposium has facilitated 150 workshops with over 100 of the field’s leading innovators, and a community of 4,000 inquiring practitioners like you. This year, we gathered to explore the latest advances in the field and discover a range of possibilities to bring fresh ideas and renewed creativity into your practice. Plan ahead for 2024 and get exclusive registration savings!


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A Never-Ending Adjustment Disorder

How Therapists Navigate the Paradox of Diagnosis

A lot can go awry when you identify a person with a disorder—but avoiding diagnosis altogether isn’t always the right solution either. How are therapists... Read more

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